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jane iredale Mineral Makeup

jane iredale 100% Mineral Makeup

All natural minerals from the earth & sea – because everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy skin.

Jane Iredale mineral makeup is so effective – it’s recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals – around the world. Using only the finest, purest, most highly-sophisticated blend of natural minerals from the earth and sea makes this an upscale product that anyone can use. The micronized mineral bases act as four-in-one products: a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen that will disguise almost any skin discoloration.  The proprietary technology and processes used to create Jane Iredale mineral makeups – cause it to form microscopic flat crystals that overlap one another to form a filter – allowing the skin to breathe and function normally while being protected from air-borne pollutants.  You rarely need a touch-up – because the staying power ensures that the beautiful – natural colors will last all day. Wearing Jane Iredale results in added skin nutrition and smoother, creamier, more protected skin – unlike any other.

Jane Iredale minerals
Jane Iredale loose minerals
lip shimmers
Jane Iredale lip plumper in shimmer colors
eye shaddows
Jane Iredale Trio Eye Shaddows
Jane Iredale minerals
Jane Iredale Pressed Powder in multiple shades


  • Jane Iredale Amazing Base and Pressed Powders are each a four-in-one product – foundation, powder, concealer, sunscreen
  • Jane Iredale uses only the purest, all natural earth & sea minerals
  • Jane Iredale contains absolutely no fillers such as – talc & paraben
  • Jane Iredale provides broad-spectrum UVA & UVB (SPF 20) protection
  • Jane Iredale is non-comedogenic, oil free, won’t fade, crease or smear
  • Jane Iredale minerals provide instant, chemical free, weightless coverage
  • Jane Iredale is anti-inflammatory – calms &soothes acne/rosacea prone skin
  • Jane Iredale enables skin to breathe & function normally
  • IREDALE is water resistant & bacteria resistant


The Jane Iredale cosmetic line has the ability to change your life.  The skin you’ve always wanted is just a brush away.



Minerals not only provide outstanding, versatile coverage – but they also encourage and promote healing. Minerals adhere to the skin by overlapping which means they are also water proof.  Pure minerals support life – that’s why they are healing and protective. Minerals interact with light by reflecting, refracting and diffusing light and it’s this interaction that explains the reason for such great coverage while using so little product.  When applied correctly, mineral makeup feels weightless and it’s impossible to see where the minerals end and the skin begins. The versatility allows just about any look you want while you also feel and look natural.


Jane Iredale uses the following minerals:

  1. Titanium Dioxide – acts as a sunscreen.
  2. Zinc Oxide – acts as a sunscreen, is anti-inflammatory and has anti-microbial properties. Bacteria cannot survive in its presence.
  3. Boron Nitride – is the soft focus mineral because of its light refraction qualities.
  4. Iron Oxides – commonly known as rust, are used as colorants.
  5. Sea minerals – Algae Extract – have a nutritive effect on the skin and also soothe sensitive skin while protecting against water loss and UV radiation.


Jane Iredale – the most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin.  That’s why everything we develop is a true extension of skin care.  Our makeup is not just a refinement of normal makeup; it is a new technology. 


SUN PROTECTION SPF 18 Pressed Bases & SPF 20  Loose Bases – Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the minerals give  instant, broad-spectrum, chemical-free sun protection. They also have a Very  Water Resistant rating.

FAST, WEIGHTLESS COVERAGE Apply with a brush or a  sponge for coverage that it would normally take three products to achieve. The  result should look sheer and luminescent and feel weightless.

NON-COMEDOGENIC AND OIL-FREE Under a microscope, the  mineral crystals look like overlapping fish scales. These crystals form a filter  that allows the free exchange of gasses. The minerals are non-comedogenic. We  have many accounts from acne patients testifying to improvement in their skins  since using our mineral makeup. The only oils we use in our formulas are in  products where we want to help condition the skin – such as in our under-eye  concealer and lip products.


MINIMUM ALLERGY RISK Allergies and  sensitivities are usually caused by substances that cause irritation to the  skin. Substances that most commonly cause these sensitivities are chemical  preservatives, chemical dyes (usually labeled as FD&C), perfume and alcohol.  Our makeup contains none of these sensitizers. In fact, zinc oxide and titanium  dioxide are anti-inflammatories and help calm the skin.

Because the minerals reflect light, they have a much wider color tolerance  than most makeup.  The two most frequently used colors – Amber and Natural -  suit a wide variety of skin tones.

To find the right color, begin with a touch of Amber or Natural  on the jaw line. It will be easy to see whether to go lighter or darker, pinker  or more yellow.

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