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Skinprint Skincare Prescriptions

Skinprint: a whole new level of skincare

because it’s created just for YOU!

Not seeing results from your current skincare products?  They may not be exactly what you need. 

Skinprint Analysis & Custom Skincare

As individual as your fingerprint….Skinprint: a whole new level of skincare because it’s created just for YOU. Sholar Center has teamed up with Skinprint Skincare Prescriptions from New York to provide you with a unique process for total skin analysis.  Biometric analysis is done using multiple skin data measurements, then the imaging system provides a very detailed view of your skin. With this process we can take objective measurements to detect UV damage, bacterial counts, moisture level, elasticity, oil production, and much more.

The images above are an actual patient’s Dermal Ultrasound, measuring collagen in the skin:  Before & After 3 months of customized Skinprint product use, including Customized Rescue Serum, Customized Eyedyllic, and Customized Intensive Hydrating Lotion.

All of the Skinprint custom-blended skin care products are made in Skinprint’s New York laboratory by chemists to create your customized products based on our skin analysis.  Their philosophy is based on the fact that your skin can’t be improved without first knowing the critical aspects of your skin’s structure, function, and unique biochemistry.

SkinPrint Solutions Annual Plan Package

An individualized treatment plan that incorporates education, strategy and action!

1 Initial SkinPrint Analysis that will be the guide to your custom made skincare, a Jumpstart Facial with education session, a strategic Annual Plan of professional services to work in conjunction with your customized SkinPrint home care and a 3 month RePrint.  $150

Your personal analyst will work with you to build a program that will focus on alleviating your concerns and meeting your goals based on your biometrics, your lifestyle and your budget!  As a bonus you can choose a pre-payment option and receive a one-time discount of 10% off the entire plan.




Skinprint Fundamentals

Below are products from our Skinprint Fundamentals line, available off-the-shelf anytime. For more information on any of these products, please contact us.  These are just a few of the many physician-directed skincare options we have available, in addition to our completely customized products created based on your Skinprint analysis.

Rescue Bio-Rejuvenation Serum™ with BioJuv YC (Youth Cells)

This powerful anti-aging serum activates “youth cells” in the skin to
 repair itself with potent ingredients which stimulate the skin.

Revive Blemish Control Serum™ with BioJuv CALM Complex™

This highly effective product contains active ingredients that
decrease oil levels leaving skin less prone to blemish.

Acne Release Lotion™ with MICRO-BENZ BPO™

       This lotion contains 2.5% MICRO-BENZ BPO Benzoyl peroxide to help reduce acne. It contains moisturizers that are not heavy on the skin.

Liquid Solace™ Calming serum with BioJuv CALM Complex™

Liquid Solace is a soothing serum which relieves

red, irritated and inflamed skin.

Guardian Barrier Repair Serum™ with BioJuv M Complex™

Ideal for dehydrated, damaged, or inflamed skin, this repairing serum strengthens the skin’s
natural barrier function. Contains BioJuv M™ for barrier repair and deep hydration.

Reti-Pur TR Pure Retinol Complex™

Reti-Pur TR This proprietary product contains retinol (vitamin A)
which serves to provide both anti-aging and blemish control benefits
via new polymer technology.

Illuminate Skin Lightening Complex™ with BioJuv DS Complex™

Illuminate contains BioJuv DS Complex™
to gently lighten skin and even out skin tone.

Intensive Hydrating Gel with Moisture Trap Technology™

This intensive hydrating treatment continuously
moisturizes all day with Moitsure Trap Technology™.

Plump Pout Lip Renewal Serum™ with BioJuv FLW Complex™

Instantly hydrate and plump lips while stimulating
collagen production to provide long term fullness.

Repair & Restorative™ Créme with BioJuv M Complex

Skinprint’s Repair and Restorative Creme rebuilds the skin’s natural barrier function and

repairs key elements in damaged skin to provide fully moisturized and healthy skin.

Soft Touch Lotion™ Sensitive Skin lotion with BioJuv CALM Complex™

This light lotion lightly hydrates the
skin while protecting it from irritants.


Ultra Sheer SPF 20 Broad Spectrum SunScreen

This broad spectrum ultra sheer sunscreen with a SPF of 20 has been formulated primarily for daily facial use.

Reflect SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen™

This broad spectrum ultra sheer sunscreen with a SPF of 50 has been formulated primarily for daily facial use.
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