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Massage Treatments

While most people use massage therapies for relaxation, reducing muscle soreness and relieving stress and anxiety, research proves that massage can cause your body to release natural painkillers and boost your immune system.


Relaxation & Tranquility Swedish Massage

Soothing fluid massage movements that incorporate passive stretching to relax muscular tension.  90 minutes $100, 1 Hour $65, 1/2 Hour $40

Rejuvenating Journey Aromatherapy Massage  

Combined essential oils restore the balance and energy, reduce stress and tension, and detoxify the body. Recommend to also use 7-Chakra Ascension VibroAcoustic Therapy with this massage.1 hour $85

Basalt Hot Stone Massage

Stones of all shapes and sizes are used in combination with massage to aid in physical healing and mental relaxation. 1 Hour $90

Deep Tissue, Sports, & Therapeutic Massage

A variety of vigorous massage techniques with deep tissue strokes and compressions that help with chronic or acute pain and injury rehabilitation, and reduce inflammation-related pain associated with conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis. Arnica crème is used to aid in inflammation reduction.  1 Hour $75

Post-Surgical Package

Reduce or relieve tissue swelling and speed recovery after liposuction or facial procedures, optimizing and enhancing your surgical results.
Package of 3 localized (1/2 hour treatments) $120


Application of pressure melts away tension in calves, feet, and hands that helps to stimulate circulation, reduce pain, increase relaxation, and control energy flow within the body.  Feet and Hands 1 Hour $55

Vibroacoustic Therapy  

Vibroacoustic Therapeutic Massage uses not only traditional massage techniques, but also incorporates music, played through an amplifier and delivered into the body.  This therapy can be targeted to help relieve certain problems such as spinal and joint pain, muscle spasm and fibromyalgia, as well as psychological relaxation. 1 Hour $80

Massage Enhancements

Aromatherapy $20

Hot Basalt Stone $25

Additional 15min $20

Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment $20

Warm Paraffin Hand & Foot Treatment $45

Hand & Foot Reflexology $20

Seasonal enhancements- prices vary

Custom Sugar Scrub- choose from a variety of scents $45

Scalp Refresher $10

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